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Post Info TOPIC: Lucid Dreaming.

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RE: Lucid Dreaming.

Mmm Strangely enough I can do that almost all of the time..apart from the Nightmares I have no control in them at all!

But I do love being able to steer my dream into whatever I want..tis rather fun..^^

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There's an exercise one can do to try to attain this. It involves lying very still in a dark room, ignoring all the bodies 'needs' to twitch or itch - it's how yor body checks if you're awake - and after a while you enter a weird netherworld of your body being asleep and your mind being awake. It takes concentration and willpower, but it's an interesting thing to try if you don't want to leave bed.


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I actually had what i believe to be a lucid dream

I wasn't fully in control but i could control my 'body'

I was floating but it was almost like swimming through the air, i controlled the direction.

It took a strange turn when i was in bed looking at my phone, i had read that you should look at a clock then look away, if it has changed then you are dreaming. I looked back at my phone and the time had changed, it then turned into a scary furby sized pinky red and grey baby elephant. I could feel the texture of it's skin i could see every detail of the skin. it attacked my face and i could feel it, i made a conscious decision to throw it away from me and make it go away. then POOF it was gone



Maybe it was too much cheese before bed, but i felt like i had partial control of my dream.confuse


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I'm thinking about lucid dreaming a lot so I'm sharing my recent Facebook post:

What are your lucid dreaming experiences?

My story - back in the day where I was doing a dream diary so regularly that I'd wake at the end of every dream cycle and finally thought ENOUGH, URGH, TWO LIVES NOT REQUIRED, I had recurring dreams with sharks. Airsharks coming for me on dusty roads. Moodsharks lurking in ocean depths. Princess Diana sharks. Just an excess of fucking sharks, really.

I figured out why in my waking hours but that didn't help. I started doing exercises like trying to train myself to picture the back of my hand as I slept...

Finally, some sharks came at me and I caught them at it. Bam. I see you. Like a bolshy child detective I stuck my fists on my hips and said "why do you come for me, you sharks? I have had enough of you and your games. Explain yourselves and go."

And although they didn't explain themselves, they transformed into (*really* not New Age-looking at all) white dolphins and swam away in a sulk, never to return. I have never knowingly dreamed about sharks again.

But I am more interested in you! What are your lucid dreaming thoughts and experiences? If you LD regularly, is it intentional or desired? If you've worked on lucid dreaming, what's worked for you? I would like to write a small thing about lucid dreaming for Mookychick, but will only feature your shares on the topic with permission. I'd equally love to hear your stories and thoughts on the matter just for fun!


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I dream about school a lot (even when I'm not working). My students, their problems, a fight in the classroom... I'm often able to stop the dreams. All I have to do is saying something like "Kids, it's the middle of the night, I can't help you right now. We'll deal with this in the morning". Usually it works and I can go back to puppies, beaches or butterflies. Or zombies but that's another story. They can invade my dreams for hours and I don't know yet how to talk to these guys. The good news is I'm so used to them, they don't even scare me anymore.


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