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Post Info TOPIC: Fair Play Games

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Fair Play Games

Hey Mooks. I'm starting the planning for next year's Brownie (girls, 7-10 years old) meetings and one thing I want to explore with them are World Issues like equality (or lack thereof). This is an activity I'm thinking about to teach them about fairness, I was wondering what you think and if there's anything Mooks would add or think needs work. 

1.     1.  Girls to stand in rows of sixes, one behind the other. They are all given a piece of scrap paper. They are told to screw their paper into a ball and throw it past a line marked by a skipping rope. But they all have to throw from where they are stood now; they are not allowed to move. Anyone who gets it over the line will be told they tried very hard.

2.     2.  A relay race from one side of the room to another. Each member of the six takes her turn to run to the other end of the room, touch a wall and run back, sit down and the next girl can go. The girls arent told that one six will be picked randomly and will keep being told to start again until the other sixes have already finished. One team will not be told to start again even if they do it wrong. One team will be told to start again only if they do it wrong.

3.       3. A balloon game. The brownies have to keep five balloons up in the air for a minute. A leader will pop two balloons before they start so they cant keep them up.


1.       Who thinks the first game was fair?

2.       Why was it not fair that some girls were closer than others?

3.       Who thinks the second game was fair?

4.       Why was it not fair that one team kept being told to start again?

5.       Why was it not fair that one team were not told to start again?

6.       Who thinks the third game was fair?


7.       Why was it not fair that you didnt have the right things to complete the challenge? 


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These are good ideas Emmi! I did something similar to your first activity with my kids two years ago. There was some drama before they understood the point but in the end we had a very interesting discussion.


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