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Post Info TOPIC: Do you have a collection?

Honoured Mook

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Do you have a collection?

I never really considered myself as a collector of anything, but now that my postcards are literally overflowing from my desk and the boxes beneath my bed, I have to reconsider.

I collect postcards, partially thanks to Mookychick's article on postcard.

I also collect animal skulls and jawbones. Most of them are found on hikes, but I have a few skulls that have been gifted to me.

Do you collect anything? What do you collect? How did you get started collecting it? How long have you been collecting? Want to share any photos?

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Mookish Deity Most High

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I also collect animal bones, a lot of mine are from my cat catching things and a few have been bought or given to me, i also collect other similar stuff, i have a taxidermy mouse i made at a workshop. I think i've been collecting them now since i was about 15.
Lush shower gels, i have 18! I've also got a lot of other products, it kinda started when i went to oxford street lush and bought two then from there ended up just getting more and more and more into lush.
I've got a small collection of disney tsum tsums since i think last christmas when i got a stitch one
I guess vinyl records too again since i was about 15 when my dad gave me his collection and i started getting into music more.
i have a lot of crystals
Also maybe house plants?


Florian xxx

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Teeth! I haven't added any to my collection in at least a year but I love teeth, human or animal.

Also I wouldn't have thought of calling my house plants a collection if Florian hadn't mentioned it, but I guess that too! I had about 36 last I counted and I'm looking to get some more soon.


Harlan :-)

("they" pronouns please, mookyfolk)

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I think this thread might as well be re-named "Mooky bone collectors" biggrinBehold my latest DIY-project, Mr.Fox brightening up my life:

I generally gather stuff I find in nature and the trash to use in DIY-projects, but that is more about recycling than collecting I think.

And while I generally loathe shopping, there are four big exceptions: Yarn, Books, Craft beer and Islay single malts. But they are all things I use on a regular basis, so it's more about living the good life than collecting I think.

What I have that truly counts as proper collection is my Moomin Mugs. I'm a bit ambivalent about it. On one hand, I find them really pretty and emotionally rewarding -a little bit of everyday happiness drinking my coffee and tea from one of them. On the other hand, they are so very much aimed at being collected -with special limited editions from here to hell. Which means that I have to worry about breaking them, because they can't be easily replaced. One of my favourite mugs (first christmaspresent I got from my mother in-law) is listed on ebay for about 200. That is just insane.disbelief


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