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Post Info TOPIC: Planning a "Croning" Ceremony: Your thoughts and suggestions?

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Planning a "Croning" Ceremony: Your thoughts and suggestions?

My mother hasn't had her period in over a year and has decided she wants to mark the occasion with a croning ceremony.  


It's also important to do this for her since, last year, my grandmother died, and in many ways my mother is now stepping up to fill her role. I'm stepping up into my mother's shoes as the one who organizes and plans special events. Since I'm an event planner at my job, this isn't too hard logistically, but i'm having some trouble with the specifics. 


We want to have a women's only celebration. We want to have it in the woods, with light food, some light alcohol, and a bonfire to celebrate. We're thinking fresh fruits, honeys, and bread.


Here's my dilemma: How would you word an invitation to friends and family, most of whom are unfamiliar with alternative spiritual beliefs, that doesn't make it sound like my mom is dying?


"Come celebrate a new stage in MOMSNAME's life" or "Come celebrate with us as we help MOMSNAME transition to a new stage" sends a connotation that something bad has happened. My sister says, "You're making it sound like mom is dying."


My mom suggested just saying "come celebrate a spiritual celebration with __MOMSNAME__ on __DATE___ with outdoor fun, food, and company." Do you think something like this would be okay and not surprise everyone when we roll out the smudge sticks and drum?


Do you have any suggestions for an inclusive activity or event I can have a large group of people participate in?


I'm not used to planning something that's both spiritual and for a large group of non-pagan people lmao


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Planning a

I'd never heard of a croning ceremony, but what a cool idea! The concept of celebrating the role of the matriarch and being a free woman who has passed through into a new stage of life sounds really empowering and lovely. I don't think that your wording makes it sound like she's dying at all, but I definitely would want maybe a brief explanation in the small print of what the day would entail and what a croning ceremony would entail. I would have no idea if I received an invite and I'd likely feel a little bit anxious.

I am not a pagan, and have never designed a ritual for a large group, but I think as such a large part of cronehood is the idea of the woman becoming world wise, perhaps have people bring little bits of wisdom important to them to gift to your mother? I think that might be something that everyone can join in with and that is easy to understand, and your mum can come away from the day with loads of new knowledge and positivity! Hooray!


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Hi there,

I have a little experience with planning and holding large religious/spiritual events, where many of the attendees don't know exactly what will be going on - my suggestion is basically like what your mum's is - keep it simple and give them some idea of what to expect. Perhaps something like:

"You're invited to take part in a spiritual celebration with __MOMSNAME__ on __DATE___. There will be outdoor fun, food, and great company, as well as a short-but-meaningful ceremony giving thanks for continued life, the turning of the seasons and the wonder of the universe"

That gives the guests a bit of an idea that there's going to be some kind of fun, pagany goings-on I think, but also keeps it quite neutral - sort of a "come for the food - stay for the chanting" kind of deal.


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