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Post Info TOPIC: DIY Christmas gifts

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DIY Christmas gifts

I'm needing some ideas. Since I'm currently in the process of buying a house I don't have much money to spend on Christmas. I've made my usual homemade bath salts and teas but other than that I am completely out of ideas as to what to make or do for my loved ones. 

What have you guys been making or want to make? 


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One thing I've seen at the craft fairs I work that's awesome is the gift in a jar, it can be for anything like ingredients for baking or seeds etc for anyone interested in gardening, check them out on pinterest, you can get everything you need at a pound shop (dollar store) Super cheap, easy to make and easy to customize


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This year, friends and relatives will mostly be getting chocolate filled with leftovers from my liquermaking (Dark chcocolate & vodka infused rowanberries ahoy!). If I only knew earlier how fun and easy it is to make chocolate thingies.

Everyone else will be getting fruit and berry preserves as usual...


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Last year I made makrami jar holders for my mother-in-law so she could hang citronella candles outside her caravan. Big ball of twine, youtube tutorial, scissors.


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My friend gave me a little box filled with unground seeds and spices to make a curry, together with a hand-written recipe, and I loved it. It looked so pretty and was very useful.

I used to love making and wearing chokers (lengths of velvet ribbon and velcro, get thee down the haberdasher's). I'm tempted to make and wear them again, maybe that would work for some of the people you know?

It's a bit late as a recommendation for this year, but this Christmas I'm making sloe gin for gifts. The initial outlay for the gin is expensive, and you have to get the sloe berries seasonally (hooray for eBay). But I've got these little 100ml bottles and should be able to make sloe gin for about 25 people. I'll make little hand-made labels saying "best drunk in February 2016 or beyond", or something more catchy. That's because at Christmas the sloe gin will have been doing its thing for about 2 months, and already tastes nice, but after 3 months it'll taste far better. Really, I should be making another batch now so I can give people sweet liquid fire for Christmas 2016...


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