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Post Info TOPIC: True detective and "lack of women"

Runic Mook of the North (mod)

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True detective and "lack of women"

 Warning spoilers if you haven't seen the series yet:

The gist of this article (apart from this lady clearly not paying much attention to what has been going on in the series on several levels) and her previous one is that it is misogynist and doesn't have any prominent female characters. Now, I'm normally all for the Bechdel test, but isn't it quite missing the point to criticize a tv-series in which one of the main themes are how horrible a misogynist culture is for depicting horrible misogynist culture? Indeed I would argue that focusing a character drama on two flawed male characters is an excellent way to show how and why macho bullshit is bullshit?

I'll admit that this series might not be worthwhile watching unless you are prepared to ponder at least a little bit about what you are shown, not only about what is going on but also on the references to literature and philosophy, but surely it must be possible to be a feminist and watch tv without expecting Buffy the fucking Vampire slayer?

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ive only seen the first episode an half of the second an I think the point is to show the two lead characters as massive fuck ups and the attitudes that are found within certain professions, such as the police etc

but i agree, cant we just watch some telly without it having to define us and are beleifs, sometimes it's just a good show


so what if i love each feather an each spangle, why not try an see things from a different angle?

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