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Post Info TOPIC: Help my mummio with her project, puh-lease

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Help my mummio with her project, puh-lease

Hello lovelies! As some of you already know, my mum is a lecturer (at my old university, actually, but not at my shitty department). Shes currently working on a project on student rights and resit policies and shes asked me for help because I know so many people who study at different universities. I would really appreciate it if you could help out and answer the following questions:

Where do you study?

If you fail an exam, can you resit? If so, how many times can you resit (in one academic year)?

Do you have to pay for the resit?

Can you apply to resit exams online or do you have to contact your department?

Everything is totally anonymous and you get my eternal love an gratitude so its totally worth it. Thank you :)


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I study at University of Strathclyde

If you fail an exam you can resit once per semester, (so twice in an academic year)
Resits are free.
Applying is generally done online, but meetings can be arranged.

Hope that helps!

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I've graduated, but I studied at the University of Bristol.

If you fail an exam you can resit once in an academic year at the discretion of the department, who can say no. Regardless of score it is registered as a 40% (scrape pass) and if you fail you are not allowed back onto the course in the new academic year.

Resits are free.

Resits must be sat in person at the university, in special exam halls designated for resits in the summer holidays.


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I study at University of Oslo

I'm not sure if I properly understand the term "resit"? Generally speaking, if you fail an exam you have to wait until next time that particular course is taught and an exam is arranged. This means waiting for half a year, in some occasions one.

You don't pay for taking exams.

If you fail your exam, you have to re-apply for the course again.


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I study at the University of Roehampton

If you fail an exam, but still pass the module overall, you can do a resit but you have to arrange it yourself. If you fail an exam and thus fail the entire module, then the department will contact you in order to arrange the resit.

Resits are free.

Applying is done in person at the department office, and must be supported with a completed application form.

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