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Post Info TOPIC: Free/Cheap e-reader books

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Free/Cheap e-reader books

There are an awful lot of books available as kindle and e-reader books that are free or cost mere pennies. But because there are so many of them, and because the quality is (understandably) hit and miss, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can talk about which of the free books we would reccommend (or not) to others. There's simply no way of finding all the books you might like that are free without trawling through hundreds of different ones.

So, here's a nice easy mooky way of finding books we might be interested in (or something we never otherwise would have tried).

Name of book:






Number of pages:

If it's not on amazon, but can be downloaded onto an e-reader from another site, it can be found at:

I would/would not recommend this book because:  

*If not free. Unless a book is VERY good, it might be wise to set an upper price limit of £2 or equivalent currency so that as many cheap books as possible can be found. If something is more expensive and you think we NEED to read it, it probably belongs in another thread.

I'll come back to this as soon as I've finished a couple of the free ones I've downloaded to start off with.


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A lot of classics are free, I got the complete Sherlock Holmes for free so I dive into that in between other books. :)


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At work I am doing a lot with Project Gutenberg which makes a lot of well known and lesser known books available to everyone to read on their computers or e-readers. One I stumbled upon the other day is called Sane Sex Life And Sane Sex Living . It is a sex manual from 1919, and it is bloody hilarious. There are also the favourites such as Pride and Prej, etc.


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A lot of classics are on the literature network, which has come in really handy a few times. If people want to listen to free audiobooks or readings of plays, again, a lot of the classics are on archive.

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