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Post Info TOPIC: Resolutions For The New Academic Year.

Honoured Mook

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RE: Resolutions For The New Academic Year.

Im a few weeks into my course and I'm definately in the 'willing and eager' category, I want to be doing work at home, but looks like we just have to trawl through it at a snails pace in class!

My New College Year Resolution is just to push myself that little bit harder, to add that extra bit of information, or look for that extra source!


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Professor Mook (mod)

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Just thought I'd resurrect this because even though I am no longer in an academic setting (hopefully this isn't a permanent development in my life, but who really knows), there are many among us who are just about to start back at university or school... AND I LOVE RESOLUTIONS.


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Booky Mooky (mod)

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My goal for this semester is to finish with a 2:1... if I can do that this semester, next semester will be aiming for a first.

-To get better at making presentations (and public speaking in general), since my grade for Language & Gender depends on it.
-Finish reading the required novels before my lectures
-Not to skip workshops to stay in bed and mope.
-Not be afraid to ask my tutor's advice, should I need to.

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Mookish Deity Most High

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Once I've submitted my first assigment and so can tell how good I'm going to be at my course, I'll decide whether I'm aiming to pass or ace my module this year, and adjust my resolutions accordingly. For now:

  • I'm going to make organised, useful notes for each chapter;
  • I will read every chapter before I do an assignment on it, and, if I have time, do the optional chapters and read around the subject a little;
  • If I can get time off work, I'm going to attend all the tutorials;
  • I won't try to do too much at once - if I can't fit in everything I need / want to do, then something is going to have to take a back seat;
  • I will certainly try to organise my time more efficiently, but I will stick to deadlines and I will get everything done before it needs to be, in case of a technological crisis;
  • I need to try to be a less independent learner, which means I'll have to post on my module forum, and actually speak to other students at tutorials;
  • I'm going to make a flexible study planner, because my hours are a bit hectic at the moment, and I don't know how much time I'll have for study or where I'll be doing it, and I need to roughly stick to it;
  • I also need to sort out my living arrangements, which isn't technically a study resolution, but needs to be done!

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