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Post Info TOPIC: Since when did this become ok?

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RE: Since when did this become ok?

Happened across a little piece of ginger pride I thought I'd share:

It starts at 2:29, so if you don't want to see the whole interview with James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender talking about X-men, you can skip to there. Not that I can see any reason to do that, but it's an aquired taste ;)



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Inky wrote:

VampGirl wrote:

 In Australia if you're a red head you tend to end up with the nickname 'Blue', but other than that people don't really seem to care.

 Why blue? Am I being incredibly slow here, or is the logic just a bit hidden?

It seems an Aussie thing to nickname people based on the opposite of some notable characteristic,hence the above ; another one might be "Tiny" for a tall person.

liquoricebunny wrote:

Well I'm a bit of a loser...and I'm naturally a bit ginger, and I have red hair...but yeah.

But seriously I about die laughing whenever I hear a ginger joke, at the person telling it.

I think it just stems from a 'look someone different, let us point and laugh at them' type place. You get it when people wear glasses, dress differently worship differently, look different, I could go on.

The mindset of different=bad is IMO a left-over from caveman times,when seeing somebody different/unusual could mean another tribe arriving to compete for land,water and food ; usually fighting followed quickly thereafter. Nowadays,snidey remarks and prejudice have replaced the club and rock as the weapons of choice against the enemy,even though the original reasons for any kind of negative reaction against somebody "different" have been eliminated. That's where I think it stems from,but I may be wrong-it's one for the anthropologists!

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