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Travel for Free

I have been trying to conjure up as many ways to travel for free (or for cheap) as I can. So far, I've discovered CouchSurfing, WWOOF, SERVAS, Sister Cities International, Autodriveaway, and House Carers. Some other ideas I've garnered are working for a national park, a ski resort, a cruise ship, and looking for other seasonal work.

Do you guys have any tricks of the trade to share? I'll try anything but being a hobo.

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Hitch-hike. I thought this was a no-no for girls, but after an enlivening conversation last night with a seasoned lady traveller, I feel far more confident about hitching on my own. She'd been hitching for 16 years and had only had it go wrong once, when a man tried to grab her breasts. That, obviously, is not good, but it does give the impression that the vast majority of drivers are not trying to cop a feel - their hands are firmly on the wheel.


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^ Hitch-hiking is boss. :) Dorian taught me how to do it, and I have done it several times on my own.
Some of his tips are: don't go hitch-hiking after dark, trust in your gut if you feel that someone is sketchy, try to pick a ride at gas stations or rest stops because there you have more people to pick from and you also can take a look at them first.

Other than that, I'm afraid I'm no help. Have fun, though.


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