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Post Info TOPIC: Ads on the Mookychick forum - FAQ


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Ads on the Mookychick forum - FAQ


So... there are ads on the Mookychick forum. In order to make things clear, we've put up a little FAQ thread to answer any questions you might have regarding the ads.

Q: Do I start seeing certain ads according to my movements on the web? Do I need to worry about privacy?

A: No. The ads have nothing to do with who you are and where you go and what you do on the web. Privacy is not an issue.

Q: So how do the ads work?

A: They are Google ads. They basically look for text on the page, and if there are lots of keywords to do with something (eg fashion or dreadlocks or feminism or whatever) then they will try to serve up ads to do with that content. However, the system is fallible - especially on a forum, where everyone is talking about everything and it's hard for google to get the keywords right. That's why you sometimes get ads that are quite bizarre.

Q: I don't like the ads. Can you remove them?

A: Those ads bring us in a bit of money. Not much (think 4 a day and you'd be on the right track). But we do need money to host the Mookychick forum. If we removed those ads, we'd have to think of some other way to make the forum pay for itself - and those other solutions might be far more annoying and invasive.

Q: I don't like the ads. Can you make them match my interests, at least?

A: We try - but we can't tell Google which ads to show. It's all down to the conversations / content on the forum, and even then it's a bit random. We just let the ads do their thing, really. Ads can always be ignored.

Q: I don't like the ads and I have a clever Plan B for helping the forum make money which doesn't involve ripping off its users.

A: Wonderful. PM (send a private message to) 'Mookychicks', because we're always up for ideas.

Q: You aren't ever going to charge me for using the forum, are you?

A: Never. Good heavens no. That would be horrible and it certainly shan't ever come to that. Mookychick will always, always be resplendently free.

If you have any more questions about the forum ads, feel free to comment and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

With much love, grandad pipes and cigars

Mooky Towers xxx

*** Edited to make the questions bold and a bit easier to read

-- Edited by Mookychicks on Friday 18th of June 2010 06:52:53 PM

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