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Post Info TOPIC: Having problems staying logged in?


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Having problems staying logged in?

If you are having problems staying logged in, you should be able to rectify the situation by deleting the cookie that stores your Mookychick messageboard log in info. This will allow you to sign in as normal - and your password should be stored as expected, allowing you to post once more.


Go to Tools > Internet Options > General

Click on Browsing History > Delete, then delete all cookies.

HOWEVER: This will delete stored preferences on your browser for login info on all sites, not just the Mookychick messageboard.

To delete JUST the Mookychick messageboard cookie:

Go to Tools > Internet Options > General

Click on Browsing History > Settings > View files

Locate the activeboard cookie (it will definitely have the word 'activeboard') and delete it.

Internet Explorer versions differ slightly in layout once you get to 'Tools > Internet Options', but if you look for a place that allows you to choose a particular cookie and delete it, find the activeboard cookie and delete at will.


Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies

You'll see a folder called ''.

Delete the contents of that folder.


Your browser may be an older or newer version and not work exactly the same way - or you might be using a different browser altogether, like Safari or Opera.

So we've left this thread open, in case any other mookychicks can offer further tips...

Mooky Central xxx


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No I am not but I do have problems, though I don't know where the forum for the problems is located at. Is it fine if I just post it here? When I go into pages like reviews it freezes and wont let me move up or down or click on the pages, which is upseting because I do want to read the reviews on books, I


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Hello RubyRed :)

We know that some forum sections get filtered for adult content if you're somewhere like a library, but it doesn't sound as though you're having that problem. It sounds more as though there might be a problem with the connection, and it's just by chance that certain sections are freezing. We do have some very techknowledgeable Mooks who may be able to help further.

Good sections for posting problems you'd like advice for are the Headspace and Sex & Relationships sections...

With love from Mooky Towers xxx

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