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The Hitchhiker's Guide to this Forum
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Don't Panic!


Welcome to the Mookychick Forum, we hope you have fun.

The forum is split into several categories, full of wonderfully interesting topics or threads. People will find your smart writings quicker if it's in the right section, but don't panic if you don't know where to put your highly readable post on the mating habits of hedgehogs. If you do get it wrong, there's a crack admin team who will shift things around for you. So don't panic if a thread you started suddenly vanishes, though we do try and alert you to any changes we make. You can learn how to start a new thread here.

Replying to a topic could not be easier. You just start typing in the quick reply box at the bottom of the thread. If you want to quote someone else's post, then there's a little button on every post that says, quite helpfully, 'quote'. Clicking on that will take you to the advanced post editor, and will quote away, for your ease and enjoyment.

The advanced editor is a great tool, which lets you add italics or bold text, links like this one, or pictures of cats in bomber jackets,. To get there, click in the quick reply box and then click on the Advanced Editor button that pops up. You can find your own way from there, we're sure.

To the right is a chat box, which can be fun or lonely. Sometimes there's enough people around to chat with you, sometimes you could be shouting into an empty room. But if you're in the mood for a chat, it's always worth saying hello.

Clicking on someone's user name will take you to their profile page. There you can leave a message on their personal white board, which is a bit like the chat box, but not as public. If you have a quick question for someone, or just want to drop them a line of encouragement, you can do so here.

From the profile page, you can also send someone a private message. This is kinda like an email, but without having to give out your email address, which is always a smart thing. The person you message will get a little alert telling them they have a new message when they next log in.

You can select an avatar, or pretty picture in simple terms, to go along with your profile on your own profile page. Click on the avatar option in the menu to the left and you can either choose from one of the many wonderful pre-set avatars, or upload your own.

And that's about it. Nothing more to say, really, except go and fly through the threads. read them, enjoy them, spit liquid over your keyboards in delight and disgust at other peoples' opinions, then add your own.. We'd love to hear from you.

Love from Mookytowers

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